What we do

Capital for Colleagues specialises in advising, guiding and providing access to funding for businesses that are or want to become employee owned. Our people have many years of experience from working in and with employee owned businesses and we bring this to bear through a unique suite of services:

  • We will work with you to determine if employee ownership is right for your business. It isn’t for everyone and we won’t take you down the employee ownership route if it doesn’t suit your business
  • We will advise and guide you if you are seriously considering employee ownership and once you have made the decision to go ahead, we will work closely with you and your employees to ensure the right share ownership structures, technical and legal advice, and employee engagement happens
  • As a current business owner, getting capital out of your business may not be straight forward. We have access to a number of different potential funders and C4C has its own capital which could be available to invest (via loans or equity) in your business
  • We will train your people so that they have the skills to carry out the roles and responsibilities that now come with being employee owned
  • We will work closely with all your employees so that they are fully involved and engaged and understand the rights and responsibilities that go with employee ownership
  • We are strong supporters of the Employee Ownership Association and have contacts in many employee owned businesses, so we can introduce you to those with the experience of having gone down this route



"Our partners tell us how much our culture has developed over the past two years. This would not have happened without C4C's investment and EO experience"

Harvey Fremlin
Managing Director